"The basic structure for North Korea's nuclear response was laid out at the Japan-U.S.-South Korea summit'': South Korean presidential office
On the 20th, the South Korean president's office said that the results of the Japan-U.S.-South Korea summit had "established a basic structure for responding to North Korea's nuclear and missile threats."

Presidential spokesperson Lee Do-eun said at a press conference at the Yongsan presidential office that day, "Following the Washington Declaration in April and the formation of the Nuclear Talks Group (NCG), we will continue to provide the necessary security measures. I am getting stronger," he said.

"This is the first time that the three countries have officially revealed their mutual relations to the international community through a document, and it is very meaningful," the spokesperson said.

"This was the first time that only three leaders had gathered separately to hold a summit meeting, and it was a big message to the international community," they said. "It is also worth noting that the document used names that were given values such as spirit and pledge."

Regarding economic results, he said, "If the three countries expand technological exchanges of people in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), space, and quantum technology, they will not only secure future growth engines, but also directly contribute to job creation. It could lead to significant economic benefits," he said.

"The three countries of Japan, the United States, and South Korea account for 31% of the world's GDP," he said, adding, "They possess overwhelming economic power that cannot be compared to any other economic bloc or power."

He added, "The three countries have global competitiveness in cutting-edge fields such as semiconductors, secondary batteries, biotechnology, 5G/6G communication, including source technology, production capacity, materials, parts, and equipment, and through solidarity, The synergies are huge."

The possibility was raised that the next Japan-U.S.-South Korea summit would be held in South Korea.

A source close to the president's office responded to a reporter's question, "(President Yoon Seo-gyul) said at the joint press conference that he suggested that the Japan-U.S.-South Korea talks be held in South Korea." Yes, it was the first official summit meeting between Japan, the United States, and South Korea, but looking back, it was held in Hiroshima, and this time it was held in the United States, so it is natural that the next meeting will be held in South Korea. It can also be seen as," he said, "because there are schedules and situations in the three countries, we will consider and proceed."

In response to the question, 'The results of this summit meeting are evaluated as being at the level of a quasi-alliance,' he replied, "The alliance must have legally binding force. I think the quasi-alliance is a little too much, because we are participating voluntarily and not under legal compulsion."
2023/08/21 13:04 KST