Korean-language messages on cell phones: North Korea censors young people's cell phones
It was reported that North Korea is intensively cracking down on the use of mobile phones among young people to spread South Korean culture. It is a refutation that the Korean Wave is spreading in North Korean society.

According to Radio Free Asia (RFA) in the United States on May 16th, a source in Pyongyang Pukdo said the day before, "On the 12th, young people in the central (socialist patriotic youth alliance) lived a unique life through mobile phones. In connection with the phenomenon of inputting and carrying around trends (North Korean songs using Korean-style singing, screen compilations of unknown origin, messages using Korean language, etc.), internal directives were issued. The instructions warn again that there will be no mercy for young people using mobile phones to watch impure video recordings, and the young people are nervous."

"In accordance with the direction of the Central Youth League, early this month, members of the Youth League were gathered at a Youth League committee in North Pyongan Province, and then a centralized censorship was implemented on the use of mobile phones," the source said. "Dozens of youths in Uiju City were arrested for storing unusual recordings on their mobile phones, including text messages in Korean, fortune-telling methods, and Chinese comedy stories were reported to the central government."

In North Korea, South Korean videos and songs, Chinese comedy, Hangeul videos and songs produced in the Korean Autonomous Region of China, and methods of fortune-telling are regarded as unique recorded materials.

It is reported that the unannounced censorship was carried out nationwide because young people continue to watch unusual video recordings.

A source said, "The objects raised this time are Article 19 of the 'Reactionary Thought and Culture Elimination Act' (prohibition of viewing and dissemination through mobile phones) and Article 41 of the 'Young Education Security Act' 4 items that young people must not do. (Acts of importing, producing, copying, storing, disseminating, and viewing unpurely published propaganda) and will be severely punished. It is expected that they will be punished, and those who are severely punished are expected to receive further reform through labor punishment."
2023/05/25 12:38 KST