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Apr 30, 2021, [Official jte] SNSD (Girls' Generation) _ and Lee Soo-man Fufufu famous singer (famous singers) 5 times who contacted to join the stage of "SNSD (Girls' Generation) _ " | JTBC 210 430 broadcast ..

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Apr 25, 2021, #SNSD (Girls' Generation) #TIFFANY, today's situation.
● Perform live musical songs.
● A song that is too perfect for TIFFANY. ..
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Apr 21, 2021, SM Entertainment, home of TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR, SNSD (Girls' Generation), group socks for Happy Bean Funding that will collect donations to provide high-quality music education to children are Hot Topic.

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Apr 17, 2021, Actress #Seo YEJI's "Manipulating Rumors" and "#Gaslighting(initiating the incident) Rumors". the first reporter's "Postscript" is Hot Topic in Korea. ..
● The reporter comprehensively interviewed the people including performers,and managers,involved in the TV series "Time" co-starring #Kim Jong Hyun and #SNSD (Girls' Generation) Seohyun,
● Kim Jong Hyun began to behave strangely, such as making unreasonable demands for the script changes and nervously wiping his hands after contact with Seohyun.
● At that time, it was also true that Kim Jong Hyun seemed to have some medical issues.
● Although Kim Jong Hyun has the primary responsibility of the incident, the reporter thinks that Seo YEJI played a big role. There was "gaslighting (initiating Kim Jong Hyun's unusual behaviours)" after all.
* "Gaslighting" is a continuous suggestion method for psychologically manipulating the other party. A psychological term derived from the movie "Gas Light".

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Apr 14, 2021, "Psycho but crash landing" is Hot Topic in Korea.
● "#KimJongHyun Manipulation by #SeoYeJi,who is said to have interfered with #SNSD (Girls' Generation) Seohyun's work and made her cry Theory", .
The management office of SeoYeJi expresses its position.
● "Although it is not mentioned in the content of the reported dialogue, there was a dialogue Kim Jong Hyun also requesting SeoYeJi, who was shooting other TV series at that time,not to shoot a kiss scene. " "On the other hand, Seo YEJI also with lovers' jealousy said something like "Then, you, too, should not shoot kiss scenes."
● The Korean reaction to the two people who could not distinguish between public and private due to jealousy was "Psycho but crash landing". ..

* Kim Jong Hyun climbed to the top actor in the TV series "Crash Landing on You", and Seo YEJI climbed to the top actress in the TV series "Psycho but okay".

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Apr 13, 2021, Actor Kim Jong Hyun might have refused skinship even in the public relations pictorial shooting of "Time". Hot Topic is a "subtle sense of distance" with Seohyun (SNSD), a pictorial photography at that time. .. ..

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Apr 13, 2021, Seohyun (SNSD)'s past SNS post is a hot topic in Korea. The posting was made only two days after Kim Jong Hyun, an actor of "Seo YEJI Manipulating Theory", leaving the drama "Time". " Why did I cry as soon as I met with Onni(Hyo Yeon)?" The fellow SNSD members Sooyoung and Yuna also sent out cheering comments to Seohyun, "Go for it". .. ..

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Apr 12, 2021, BEFORE / AFTER of "#Seo YEJI Manipulating Theory" is Hot Topic in Korea.
● The mysterious behavior of "AFTER".
● Actor Kim Jong Hyun refused to hold the arm of Seohyun when #Seohyun (SNSD) tried to cross her arms at the production presentation conference of TV Series "Time".
● It is reported that it was due to the "instruction" or "manipulation" of Seo YEJI, who was a dating with Kim Jong Hyun at the time. .. ..

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Apr 12, 2021, BEFORE / AFTER of "Seo YEJI Manipulating Theory" is Hot Topic in Korea.
● First of all, at the time “BEFORE” (the manipulation by Seo Yeji)
● #Seohyun (SNSD) and actor Kim Jong Hyun who co-starred in the TV series “Time”.
● It is reported that Kim Jong Hyun's mysterious behavior was due to the "instruction" and "manipulation" of Seo YEJI, who was a dating with Kim Jong Hyun at the time. .. ..

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Apr 12, 2021, Actress Seo YEJI of "Kim Jong Hyun Manipulation Theory" declares absence from the tomorrow's press conference her movie.
● #Seohyun (SNSD) was crying when the TV Series "Time" was filmed.
● Kim Jong Hyun of “Crash Landing on You” played the partner role, but all his actions were irrational.
● It was reported that the background was the jealousy of actress Seo YEJI, who was a dating with Kim Jong Hyun at the time. ..

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