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Jun 14, 2018, Kentaro Sakaguchi, a popular actor who starred in the TV Series "Signal" (starring actor Lee Je Hoon in the Korean version), first Korean visit in July. For the purpose of publicizing the movie "Tonight at Romance Theater."

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Jun 12, 2018, Actor Lee Je Hoon, revealed that he participated in donation to the ice · bucket · challenge with an autograph letter. Under the auspices of actress Kim Ye Won. "I will try to support the construction of Korea's first Lou Gehrig sanatoria hospital through regular patronage to the end."

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May 29, 2018, Actor Lee Je Hoon, OCN TV Series Under consideration of appearance of the new "Priest" appearance.

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Apr 10, 2018, The Korean TV series "Signal" starring actor Lee Je Hoon, the Japanese version is starting now.
* The title of the Japanese version is "Signal long-term unresolved case investigation team"
* Kentaro Sakaguchi starring
* BTS is the theme song "Do not Leave Me"
Fuji TV system on air.

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Mar 09, 2018, BTS, new song is the theme song of TV series starring Kentaro Sakaguchi.
* Fuji TV series "Signal long-term unsolved case investigation team", starting on April 10th
* The theme song "Do not Leave Me", recorded on new Japanese album to be released on April 4th.
* BTS's first TV Series theme song * Japanese remake of Korean TV series "Signal" starring Lee Je Hoon

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Mar 05, 2018, Lee Je Hoon starring in TV Series "Signal" main digest. Kentaro Sakaguchi in the role of Lee Je Hoon.

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Mar 05, 2018, Japan TV series "Signal long-term unresolved case investigation team" is a topic in Korea. "Synchro" of acting school cast in Japan and Korea. The original is Korean TV Series "Signal". It will be broadcasting from April at 9 o'clock on Tuesday night on Fuji TV series in Japan.
* Lee Je Hoon, Sakaguchi Kentaro
* Kim Hye Soo, Yoshise Michiko
* Cho Jin-nun, Kitamura Kazuki
* Jang Hyun Sung, Watabe Atsuro

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Feb 20, 2018, Actress Kim Hye Soo, Lee Je Hoon Cho Jin-nun starring Korean TV series "Signal", has been remade in Japan. Kentaro Sakaguchi is starring in it. To be broadcasted in Fuji TV series in April.

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Jan 31, 2018, Actor Lee Je Hoon, exclusive model for men's clothing brand AUSTIN REED.

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Dec 30, 2017, Actor Lee Je Hoon, TV Series Speaking at the "Star City".
* The first TV series directed by Mr. Jang Jin, a famous film director.
* Two men who dreamed of the sky from an early age will depict the incident that occurs after being selected as an astronaut training project.
* Blockbuster TV series until the spy game over the future energy "Hyerium 3".

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