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Jan 14, 2020, #X1 former member LEE HANGYUL and Nam Do Hyun go to Japan.
-The final lineup of the 71th Sapporo Snow Festival [12th KPOP_FESTIVAL2020] is completed.
● Traditional super premium KPOP music festival that excites Sapporo in winter for 12 consecutive years ● KIM JAE HWAN, NATURE, TOO, etc.

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Jan 10, 2020, [Official mbm] Remember this member X1 #SHOW Champion U-

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Jan 10, 2020, X1 announces refund of fan club dues. .
● Refund the full amount paid at the time of enrollment.
● The refund procedure and method will be announced at a later date. .

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Jan 09, 2020, X1 reveals he wanted to attend a meeting of his Office CEO group on Monday. .
● The night before, a member called X1's Office CEO, saying, "Everyone wants to join the meeting."
● Some offices oppose participation in the meeting.
● Cho and his colleagues suggest the final sound source announcement and greeting video, but one office disagrees. .

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Jan 09, 2020, X1 revealed that it was decided to disband in 10 minutes. .
● On the 6th, members' office CEOs and CJENM officials gather.
● Based on the premise that “if there is at least one vote, the office CEO” will hold a secret ballot to resume activities.
● As a result, ○ (agree) was 4 votes, × (disagree) was 4 votes, △ (○ was not written properly) 1 vote. .

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Jan 09, 2020, [Official sbp] X1_ , a zip collection of memories with the most beautiful things when laughing

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Jan 09, 2020, We announced the dissolution and tried to give the final greeting to the fans through group members' images, but some offices strongly opposed and it was impossible. .
● According to Korean media, the office that claimed to dissolve in the talks on June 6 has opposed this video message. .

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Jan 08, 2020, Some fans of X1 who announced the dissolution and a sentence requesting the formation of a new group by members who want to work were announced. .
Appeal to three points.
● The power of domestic and foreign fans proved by the first half million in the debut album ● A new start unrelated to affair so far ● Responsibility for supporting the activities of CJ ENM.

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Jan 08, 2020, X1 announced break up the other day, it is reported that some management offices are considering the formation of a unit group.
● Some fans have requested that a new group be formed.

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Jan 08, 2020, Kang Daniel & Chung Ha ranked No.1 in "Male and Female Idols Who Will Be a Big Hit This Year".
● Male idol
2nd. Kim Jae Hwan
3rd. Kim WooSeok (X1)
4th. Woozi (SEVENTEEN)
● Female idol
2nd. Serom (fromis_9)
3rd. Se Jeong (gugudan)
4th. Yelin (GFRIEND)
5th. Sana (TWICE).

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