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"Drug-positive" JYJ Yuchun in a detailed inspection, the "bad destiny" of the past is also re-illuminated. ● December 16th, 2016, Woman B who claimed "sexual assault" from Yuchun following Woman A and sued to the prosecution. ● After the police investigation, Yuchun's "not guilty" is announced. ● She was sued as a "notice" (false suit) by Yuchun. ● In this trial, woman B has ruled that she is innocent. ‪ ● In December 2018, woman B filed a lawsuit against Yuchun. ‪ ● Real estate owned by Yuchun is forged on March 12th, 2019 ‪ ● Currently, the court is in the process of reconciliation.


【G Official】 Actor Yoon Si Yoon, photos from Singles.


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