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Jung JoonYoung's "Golden Phone" victim, confessing her mind on the net. "In 2016, I was introduced to BIGBANG VI and his friends (members of Group Talk). I was told that we would like to have fun together. VI is no like an entertainer and takes care of his friends and my friends. I looked closely and I thought he was a good person, so I also thought that VI's friends were also good people. " "When the group talk of VI and Jung JoonYoung was published (in article), I knew all the members there. For some reason I was anxious and scared, and at first I turned my eyes off the case. When I tried to find what it is in their talk leak content, one date was the same as the day I had that thing. "


【Literal translation of full text】 BIGBANG VI confesses the feelings for the deep-seated news program "I want to know it" of broadcasting station SBS. ● I am not in a position to speak at this time, but I think this is a crime that has been ignited by a crime. ● They leak information of personal cell-phone without permission, wrap it when it is public interest information offer and synchronize public opinion, ● An anonymous lawyer interviews ‪ “The person provided information to the public interest committee,” and the public interest committee is a place where the information provider comes out and interviews while protecting the information provider. 。 ● And the entertainment division's reporter appeared in the main news of SBS, the source of the material is not revealed exactly, the fact that there is no confirmation for the rise of the person reported, ‬ ‪● Because we belong to a company, they know that we can not say freely that it is proper when it is proper to the media, or it is differ when it is different to the media. To some extent, I think that it has been abused. ‬


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