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Dec 25, 2018, PRODUCE 48 former member Current situation of Kim Na Young. I am practicing with a Japanese trainee "Maika" of the same management office. . From @ YouTube

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Dec 21, 2018, PRODUCE 48, the theme song "Nekkoya" (PICK ME) choreography "draft" released. Controversy among fans. .
● It's not cute
● This was good. KPOP-like "power" or "break".
⚫ It's difficult. It was good thaf they tried to fix it
● This choreography was impossible with such a large number of people
● It is too sexy around 36 seconds
● If this stayed as is, participants from Japan may never go to Korea. .

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Dec 20, 2018, PRODUCE 48 former member Nakanishi Tomohiro, the change of eyes surprised at "100 times return" is the topic in Korea. .
● Souvenirs of Jelly to Korean participants ● Pouch with brown cosmetics that you gave me a reward ● Recently opened the pouch to fans with live delivery.
* From the fans, I heard that "It is a famous brand of Sulwhasoo, at a price it is 100 jelly jelly", surprisingly the eyes swim so much. .

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Dec 06, 2018, BoA, last night 's FNS singing festival in Japan. PRODUCE 48 "Merikuri" movies such as Kim Na Young and Sato Miho are re-lighting in Korea.
● PRODUCE 48 #6 position evaluation song ● In the end everyone dropped out, IZONE could not be achieved.

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Dec 04, 2018, PRODUCE 48 "Only appeared on 1st" "Dropped with health problems" Uemura Azusa, withdrew from NMB48. .
● announced withdrawal with Twitter.
● Declared to change job to "YouTuber".
● Scandal theory also. .

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Dec 04, 2018, The story behind PRODUCE 48. Teacher FTISLAND Lee Hong-gi and students Takahashi Shuri, Murase Shayedi, Miyazaki Miho interview talks in Korea. .
After that harsh audition program. . I did not think everyone looked back so much happily. .

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Nov 29, 2018, The content of 'Message BOOK' Korean fans presented to NMB 48 MURASE SAE.
● Popular in Korea with PRODUCE 48 appearance.
● Korean fans thoughtfully and independently produced. .

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Nov 29, 2018, NMB 48 MURASE SAE appeared on PRODUCE 48, "Message BOOK" which Korean fans independently produced with their own thoughts completed. Arrived at himself. .

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Nov 25, 2018, PRODUCE 48 former member "14th place" Lee Ga Eun, "Siren" which is practicing recently (Sunmi original song). .

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Nov 25, 2018, "Trainee of Tragedy" Lee Ga Eun, Recent Publications. .
● In junior high school, living in Japan.
● Debuted as AFTERSCHOOL, but the schedule of the debut in Japan will be canceled.
● Return to the trainee and appear on "PRODUCE 48". The final ranking is 14th. 1 I miss the IZONE until 2nd place.
● Practice with Huh Yun Jin of the same management company, or are conducting net raw delivery.

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