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Dec 10, 2019, WANNA ONE former member Kim Jae-hwan, 2nd mini album “MOMENT” title song “Time Required” trailer released. .

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Dec 06, 2019, WANNA ONE former member Ha Seong Woon reassures fans. .
● Text posted on the official fan site titled “Maybe”.
● “I came to the site because there are people who are worried. Do n't worry.”

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Dec 05, 2019, Ann PD of PRODUCE series in custody, prosecution charges.
● Parliament members released materials submitted by Korean prosecutors.
● Season 1: In the “first selection”, two people on the passing line were dropped and the two were passed.
● Season 2: A in 11th place in "Final Live Broadcasting"
Swap the order of Mr. B and Mr. B who dropped out. As a result, Mr. B entered WannaOne.

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Dec 04, 2019, The friendship of former members of WANNA ONE at SBS MTV “THE SHOW” broadcast on the 3rd will be noted again.

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Dec 03, 2019, Susan plagiarism allegedly emerged as too similar to the fan club logo of WANNA ONE former member Kim Jae-Hwan, the general student council of Korea Central University. .
● Fans pointed out that the logo is similar to the name of the student council.
● The general student council is in a position that “similarities are found.
● Fans ask for apologies and corrections. .

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Dec 02, 2019, WANNA ONE former member Kim Jae Hwan, 2nd mini album “MOMENT” promotion schedule released. . .

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Nov 21, 2019, 【Official mnk】 [KIM JAE HWAN-Begin Again] 2019 Mom NomineesSpecial│MCOUNTDOWN 191121 EP.643

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Nov 17, 2019, WANNA ONE former member Kim Jae Hwan, “Tattoo Theory on the Neck” is Hot Topic. .
● The content is "still"
● Also serves as MC for music programs. .

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Nov 15, 2019, Coverage of the PRODUCE series fraud, “Operation in seasons 1 and 2”. .
● The police confirmed the original data of “character voting”.
● Among the trainees selected as Debut Team, there are trainees who did not enter the ranking.
● The Debut Team at that time was active as IOI and WANNA ONE. Disbanded after 1 year and 2 years of activity respectively. .

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Nov 14, 2019, PRODUCE Season 2, a smashing fire in the already-dissolved WANNA ONE?
-Today's Korean report, "Accepted some content that the Ann PD of the restrained PRODUCE series operated the vote even in season 1 and 2"
● On June 16, 2017, immediately after the final episode, “Debut Team” was posted on Official SNS. However, three people mistakenly became affair.
● Three people are attracting attention today.

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