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Nov 05, 2019, BTS V, 2020SEASON'S GREETINGS. . .

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Nov 05, 2019, BTS JIN's new hair style “Tail Hair” is Hot Topic in Korea.
● From fans, “I want to cut it off” vs “I look good on the whole”. . .

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Nov 04, 2019, [T Official] BTS, thank you for making the best T-shirt ~ 🙇♂️👍🏻

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Nov 04, 2019, 【Official】 BTS, [EPISODE] 2019 FESTA Family Portrait Shooting #2

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Nov 04, 2019, BTS (#BTS) Police interview confirms that Jung Kook's traffic accident is not a “drunk driving”. .
● The taxi driver's medical certificate has not been submitted yet.
● In the future, the damage will be confirmed with the medical certificate of the victim and Jung Kook will be investigated.
● The summon schedule has not yet to be determined. Immediately after the accident, the test was done for the drunk driving, but there was no fact of drinking. .

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Nov 04, 2019, [W Official] STARK, BTS Jungkook, investigated by the police (BTS Jung Kook, standing in a traffic accident ... agreed with the victim)

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Nov 04, 2019, [Literal Translation] BTS (#BTS) The management office announced the official position regarding the traffic accident of Jung Kook. Literal Translation.

BIGHIT Entertainment.

We would like to inform you regarding a traffic accident of BTS member · Jung Kook.

Currently, the police is in the process of investigation for this incident and the investigation has not been finalized; thus, details cannot be disclosed. ‬

Both the victim and Jung Kook were not seriously injured. ‬

‪ Immediately after the accident, Jung Kook acknowledged that he violated the Road Traffic Law, and proceeded with the on-site accident processing and police statement through legal procedures. Since then, we have reached an settlement with the victims. ‬

We apologize again to the victims, and we apologize for making our fans worry f

Thank you. ‬

‪BIGHIT Entertainment

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Nov 04, 2019, BTS (#BTS) Jung Kook's traffic accident, details of Tei known so far. .
● Seoul, driving on a private car (Benz) in the vicinity of Hannam-dong, Yongsan-ku, Seoul on the 2nd.
● Accidents that violate traffic regulations and come into contact with taxis.
● Police suspected of violating the “Road Traffic Law” and investigating details of the accident. .

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Nov 04, 2019, BTS Jung Kook, traffic accident. .
● On the 2nd, drive your own Benz and Tei, causing a taxi contact accident.
● Jung Kook and taxi driver were hospitalized for bruises.

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Nov 04, 2019, [T Official] BTS, RT MTV: CONGRATS to BTS_twt for winning BEST GROUP at the #MTVEMA tonight! 💫😍

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