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Jan 20, 2020, The late SULLI of f(x) former member, Hot Topic in Korea 15 years ago when she appeared on TV.
● Conflict between “Brother and mother vs Insulated father”
● Problems of “returning the inheritance to society” and “Stealing of grave photographs”
● Films appear on the cooking show with her mother, “Drama Awards Grand Prize 15 years later” of the future of winning speeches and commercial film appearances. .
* When reproducing future commercial films, the cheese did not grow as expected and she made the second challenge. .

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Jan 19, 2020, f(x) former member #SULLI, summary of tongue battle between brother and father.
● SULLI brothers and sisters grow up by their mother in a state of being disconnected from their father.
● At the death of SULLI, her father says, "Returning my daughter's legacy to society."
● In this process, the fight between the father and the mother
● The brother on the mother's side confesses this fact to SNS. "Even though, the father haven't visited SULLI's tomb"
● Father warned that "distortion" and "fabrication". Evidence of visiting the tomb is released.
● Brother claims to be "plagiarizing" the grave photo. The evidence is the condition of the soil below the photo. He also warns against "smothers against mother".
* Some people consider the father's "return to society" to be "donation to religious organization".

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Jan 19, 2020, [Literal Translation] Continuation of rebuttal. f(x) former member's SULLI, the reason my brother claims that his grave's photo is "plagiarized". My brother's SNS Literal Translation.
● (If you look under the photo, it is the day of the laying ceremony)
● On the day of the enshrined, is it claimed that those who have not come even visited the site while stealing photos?
● Oh. . This is the distortion and fabrication that you mentioned.
● Appears automatically by telling me the examples (of distortion and fabrication) directly. That's amazing. The above picture, of course, doesn't seem to be authentic.
● Isn't the believer ashamed? LOL www

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Jan 19, 2020, [Literal Translation] Grave photos as "plagiarism"? The younger brother replies to a photo released by his father, SULLI, a f(x) former member.
● Father: Listen to all witnesses to the XXX couple and XXX brothers at XXX Church.
● Real brother: No laughter. Why would you try to substitute a photo posted by someone else? Please do not lie.
-Real brother: And the truth.

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Jan 19, 2020, The late SULLI f(x), bernard fight broke out between father and brother.
- Angry that brother, who broke off on SNS, said he wanted to return her daughter's heritage to society even though he hadn't visited SULLI's grave.
- Father released a photo of SULLI's grave on SNS. "I went to Miryan (Minyang, a town in southern Korea) where Jinli (real name of SULLI) is located. I went twice."
● Judging from the published photos, SULLI seems to have been “wood funeral”.

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Jan 18, 2020, 【Literal Translation】 f(x) Former member's late SULLI. Insulated father is emphasized as "others".
● I want to embrace my sister, sorrow, alone,
● Why a father can share the problem of heritage with his / her acquaintance (on SNS) rather than the sadness of his sister?
● Someone who has not been to my sister's grave. . ‬
‪ ● I do not want to share my personal things, but I will stuff you if you have instinct with different words and actions. ‬
‪ ※ (In Korea's internet slang, “stuffing” means “leave a record.”) ‬
‪ ● If you are another person, please live like another person. ‬

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Jan 18, 2020, The late SULLI of the f(x) former member and the words of his insulated father are Hot Topic.
● I have a legacy that my daughter who went to heaven left in the world.
● Yesterday, there was a quarrel over the phone with moms of children who became others due to the inheritance problem of the heritage.
● I match the precious heritage left by my daughter with God's will, think of my daughter's willingness to be pleased in heaven, and hope that it will be returned to society. ‬
‪ ● Rescuing me today, remembering God who gives blessings and blessings, listening to the sound of the heart given by the Holy Spirit, praying to be a happy life in a shared life, a protagonist of a rich life . I love you. ‬

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Jan 16, 2020, Rapper's Bin Cheng apologizes to affair for the names of the late SULLI and Jong Hyun (SHINee) on SNS. .
● A bisexual woman is exposed to a dating woman and becomes an affair.
● In the explanation, after "I am depressed. I can't help helping me since I was 14", the names of the two deceased were given and the text was posted "Please make fun of me when I died" and the affair became even larger. .

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Nov 28, 2019, Donated a sanitary napkin worth 500 million won in the name of SULLI, the production company for the late SULLI LIA TV program “Jinli Shop”. .
● Program production company SM C & C decides to donate napkin, a women's hygiene product specialty brand that SULLI participated in planning before Season 2 to women in difficult households.
● We plan to donate 90,000 packs by the end of the year. .

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Nov 10, 2019, The late SULLI, a famous investigation program "I want to know it" teaser broadcasts about death. Next Saturday.

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