On the MBC variety show "Song Stealer," SHINee's Onew made a big impression on everyone when he successfully "stole a song."
On the 23rd broadcast of "Song Stealer" in Korea, Onew tried his hand at song stealing singer Byul's song "December 32nd."
Onew's performance was calm but full of sincerity, and many audience members' eyes welled up with tears. After the performance, Onew was also overcome with emotion and said, "I'm so happy to hear this song.
I felt very comforted by the message. I hope that those who are suffering right now can receive some comfort."
Although he didn't directly mention it, Onew also mentioned Jong Hyun, who became a star in December, at the venue.
The fans at the event were also reminded of the song and seemed to shed tears. Onew's "December 32nd" was chosen as the "Best
He appeared on the stage as "Song Stealer" and conveyed the excitement of the stage through his music.
Onew expressed his gratitude by saying, "I will work hard to make music sincerely and have a positive impact on many people."
"December 32nd," which is filled with Onew's unique emotions, was released through various online music STREAM sites at noon on the 24th.
Meanwhile, MBC's "Song Stealer" airs every Sunday at 9:10 pm in Korea.

By minmin 2024/06/24 12:12 KST