The concept of ASTRO's former member Rocky's second solo album, "BLANK," has been partially revealed.
On the 21st, Rocky released the concept photos for his second mini album "BLANK" on his SNS channel.
In the concept photos, Rocky exudes a rebellious charisma, but the scars on his face and fierce gaze allow for various interpretations.
Another concept photo shows a handsome and warm-hearted Rocky. He looks sad at the camera, or looks lost in deep thought with his head down, and the caption reads, "BL
There is a lot of anticipation about what kind of thoughts Rocky has put into "ANK". Rocky's second mini album "BLANK" is a collection of abstract and free-spirited songs, just like the album title, which means blank.
It is an album that will satisfy all kinds of interpretations. Starting with the title song "Jealousy," "We still love you," "Masterpiece," and "Read
Following his first solo album "ROCKYST," Raki has written and composed all the songs, and the album covers a wide range of genres including rock, dance, and pop ballads.
With the release of "BLANK," Rocky has released a new song that will be even more satisfying to listen to. People are looking forward to seeing what kind of music he will present as a solo artist in his second attempt.
Rocky's second mini album "BLANK" will be released on the 27th at 6pm.

By 編集部 2024/06/21 23:59 KST