Rapper Lee Young-ji announced that the title track will be featured by EXO's DO.
On the 14th, Lee Young-ji posted on her Instagram, "The title song will be featured by this person soon.
Haha. Small girl with Do Kyungsoo (DO)” and posted a video. In the published video, Lee Youngji said, “Small
girl's featured artist is this person," and sang a short song with DO. Lee Yongji wrote in the comment, "6/21
6PM," raising expectations.
Fans who saw the post commented, "What is this?... I had no idea.
"A combination that has never been seen before," "Could this be a video of them filming the music video for 'Small Girl'?", "This is a combination that is bound to be a success without any doubt..."
Meanwhile, Lee Young-ji's first mini album "16 FANTASY" will be released on the 21st.

By minmin 2024/06/14 21:02 KST