SBS will break with the tradition of year-end music festivals and hold "SBSGayo Daejejeon Summer" this summer. "2024 SBSGayo Daejejeon
Summer" will be held on July 21 at the Inspire Arena in Yeongjongdo, Incheon.
The "2024 SBS Gayo Daejejeon Summer" teaser for the grand summer K-POP festival will be held on the 1st floor of the "New Generation
The theme of the event will be "K-POP." As the first Gayo Daejejeon to be held in the summer by three Korean terrestrial broadcasting stations, the event will feature music and performances from a new era.
They plan to deliver the energy of a new generation that enjoys the trendiest music and lead the global K-POP trend.
The first lineup released includes "(G)I-DLE", "TOMORROW X"
TOGETHER," "ENHYPEN," "NewJeans," and "ZERO BASE ONE" were named.
(G)I-DLE is loved for their unique musical style, and TOMO has stolen the hearts of global fans with their solid skills.
RROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN showing off their unique concept performance, NewJeans creating a syndrome, 5th Generation
The teams that are leading the global K-POP scene with their own unique charms will be the "2024 SBS Gayo Daejejeon
Summer" will be a refreshing performance.

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