It seems that 2PM member Ok Taecyeon will be making her debut in a Japanese film. According to a source on the 7th, Taecyeon will be appearing in the Japanese film "Grand Maison Paris."
"Grand Maison Paris" is the film version of the TBS TV series "Grand Maison Tokyo" which aired in 2019.
The genius chef Obana Natsuki (Kimura Takuya) and Hayami Rinko (Suzuki Kyoka) turn Grand Maison Tokyo into a "three-star restaurant".
Following on from the challenge story of "Grand Maison Tokyo," "Grand Maison Paris" sees Team Obana attempting to become the first Asian team to open a three-star restaurant in Paris, the home of French cuisine.
Taecyeon will be appearing as a hidden card in the movie version of "Grand Maison Paris" and will be playing an active role. This is his first time appearing in a Japanese movie, so he is attracting more attention.
In particular, "Grand Maison Paris" is attracting attention as it is the meeting of Korea's top star Taecyeon and Japan's top star Kimura Takuya. Taecyeon is a Japanese
As it has gained immense popularity among book fans, interest in "Grand Maison Paris" is expected to grow even more.
By 編集部 2024/06/08 00:12 KST