TVXQ's Yunho shared his daily life after returning to his hometown of Gwangju. On the 22nd, Yunho posted a photo on his Instagram with the comment, "It's been a while."
He posted several photos. The published photos show Yunho taking photos in various places in Gwangju.
She also takes photos with her nieces and nephews, which makes people happy.
Fans who saw the post commented, "Gwangju tour," "The photo taken in front of that shutter really brings me to tears in many ways," and "My nephews and nieces are so happy."
Comments included, "It's gotten so big," "I'd like to go to Gwangju," and "I'm riding the Yun train."
Meanwhile, Yunho has been cast in the Disney+ original series "Pine"
"Pine" tells the story of a group of honest villains who try to make a fortune using a treasure ship buried under the sea.
"Pain" is a webtoon of the same name, one of the representative works of cartoonist Yoon Tae-ho, based on the treasure ship incident discovered in the sea off the coast of Sinan County in the 1970s.
It is based on the original work.

By minmin 2024/05/22 21:05 KST