The group "RIIZE" received a plaque of appreciation from the Los Angeles City Council in the United States. "RIIZE" finished their first fan concert tour in Los Angeles, USA.
On May 21 (local time), the day after the event, the Los Angeles City Council invited the group to Los Angeles. The Los Angeles City Council recognized that RIIZE has made a significant contribution to global public relations through its diverse activities.
On the day, Chairman Paul Krekorian, John S. Lee, and other guests were present at the event.
Lee, Heather Hutt, Kevin De Leon, Traci Park
Many Los Angeles City Council members, including Los Angeles City Council Member John Park, attended the event and applauded RIIZE as they took the stage.
Los Angeles City Councilman John Lee presented a letter of appreciation and said, "RIIZE is a game changer that will help people get a better life."
Through the music of "Guitar," the band is playing a major role in connecting Los Angeles with the world. In particular, the music video, which was shot all over Los Angeles, is a message of love to Los Angeles.
"It's a perfect partnership, a letter to the cast and a piece showcasing a Los Angeles landmark."
In response to this, member Anton said on behalf of the group, "Los Angeles is also
It holds a special place in RIIZE's heart. It has been used for the KCON special stage, music video shoots, and campaign music selection for the Los Angeles Tourism Board.
These moments came together to define RIIZE's deep connection to Los Angeles and the creativity that defines the city.
I would like to thank everyone who gave me this opportunity and look forward to doing so in the future.
"RIIZE" shot the music video for their debut song "Get A Guitar" entirely on location in Los Angeles,
KCON LA 2023, and Los Angeles Tourism Board's largest-ever global advertising campaign, "Los Angeles Now Showing."
He has been deepening his ties with Los Angeles in many areas, including selecting the background music for the video "Playing" and holding his first fan concert tour at Peacock Theater.
On the 22nd, the Los Angeles Dodgers' home stadium, Dodger Stadium, was used as a stadium for the MLB team.
They visited the stadium and performed before the game, and also participated in the "Korean Cultural Heritage" event organized by the team.
The group will also be taking part in the Korean Heritage Night event.

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