N (Cha Ha Kyun) of the group VIXX has been cast in the drama "Labor Attorney Noh Moo-jin".
On the 14th, according to a source, N will be appearing in the new TV series "Labor Attorney Noh Moo-jin."
He has received an offer to play the role and is considering it positively. N will play the role of Gyun-woo, a reporter from YouTube. "Labor Attorney Seo Moo-jin" is a drama that depicts the various lives of the protagonist, who works as a labor attorney.
It is known that the TV series will include episodes about conflicts and human relationships that occur in various workplaces. Jung Kyung-ho will play the title role and Seor InA will play the heroine.
"Laborer Noh Moo-jin" is a new work by Kim Bo-tong, the writer of the "DP - Deserter Tracker -" series.
This is the first TV series by director Im Seung-rye, who has directed hits such as "ES Cell Fabrication Case," "Little Forest: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter," and "Negotiation."
N debuted in 2012 as a member of VIXX, and took his first steps as an actor in 2014 with the TV series Hotel King.
He has also appeared in films such as "Family," "Go Go! Frustratingly," "Tunnel," "Familiar Wife," "Red Moon, Blue Sun," "Mine," "Bad and Crazy," and "Korean Lawyer."
She has played leading roles in such dramas as "In the Heights" and "Return: The Promise of That Day". After the TV series "Deserted Island Diva" ended its run in December last year, En will be making a comeback to the TV series.
There is a lot of anticipation to see what new charms she will show.

By chunchun 2024/05/16 00:05 KST