The advertising shoot of JUNHO from the group "2PM" has been revealed. On the 10th, JUNHO's official YouTube channel posted, "Today, it's not a city view, but a natural view.
A video titled "EPA Advertising Filming Site" was published. The released video shows Junho on the advertising filming site for the outdoor brand "NEPA".
JUNHO appears in various outdoor wear for the shoot, plays with a cat, and chats with the staff in between takes.
Meanwhile, JUNHO is currently filming the Netflix series "CASHERO."
"CASHERO" is about Kang Sang-eun (JUNHO), an ordinary civil servant who acquires the supernatural power of becoming stronger according to the amount of cash he holds.
) is a story about ordinary superheroes who use their entire paychecks to save the world.

By minmin 2024/05/10 20:15 KST