Singer and actor 2PM's JUNHO was chosen as the star suitable to be a host. On the 29th, according to the star voting web service Plustar, JUNHO was chosen as the star with "quick thinking and wit."
In a special star poll titled "Which star has the qualities to be an MC?", he came in first with 1,574,100 silver points.
JUNHO will receive the scoreboard event as the top scorer.
Junho, who came in first place, has been the MC for various year-end award ceremonies and has demonstrated his stable hosting skills.
JUNHO's video will be shown on a super large electronic billboard in Myeongdong, Seoul for seven days from May 6th to May 12th. For more information on the location of the electronic billboard, please see "plustar".
Following JUNHO, singer Yang Jun-il came in second with 576,470 silver points, and KANGDANIEL came in third with 36,000 silver points.
He came in third with 37,230 silver points, Choi Jong-hoon of "Jannabi" came in fourth with 286,660 silver points, and Ro Woon came in fifth with 110,000 silver points.
By minmin 2024/04/29 19:29 KST