TVXQ's Changmin greeted fans and staff after completing his 20th debut anniversary tour "20&2."
On the 21st, Changmin posted on his Instagram, "Our 20th debut anniversary tour '20&2' has ended successfully.
Many other staff members worked hard with us, but we weren't able to take a photo together. Thank you very much for all your hard work.
Thank you to everyone from Cassiopeia who came. I love you."
He posted several photos. In the published photos, Changmin and Yunho are seen posing with the staff.
The close relationship between the staff members who have accompanied him on the tour has warmed the hearts of viewers.
Fans who saw the post commented, "Thank you for completing the 20th anniversary tour. We're rooting for Changmin as he moves on to the next step," and "TVXQ taking photos together is so cool!"
" and "Congratulations on completing the tour safely." Meanwhile, Changmin's group, TVXQ, will begin their tour in Hong Kong on January 13th, Bangkok on February 3rd, and on February 24th.
They held their Asia tour "2024 TVXQ! ASIA TOUR [20&2]" in Taipei on February 18, Macau on March 30, and Jakarta on April 20.
Changmin will also be appearing in the musical "The Great Benjamin Button."
The musical "The Benjamin Button" is based on the movie "The Benjamin Button".
Based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, famous for being the basis for "The Curious Case of Tommy," EMK will present a new musical in 2024. It will open on May 11th.
The show will run until June 30th at Sejong M Theater in Seoul.

By minmin 2024/04/21 12:03 KST