Idol group "n.SSign" sings about love that makes your heart flutter. "n.SSign" released their second mini album "Happy
&'s third title song, "Love, Love, Love Love"
A teaser video for the music video for "Love!" has been released.
As soon as the video started, the TV screen lit up, and the members of "n.SSign" appeared and attracted attention. In a refreshing atmosphere, all the members
She performed in a hot pink outfit. Just like the song title, "Love, Love, Love Love
Love!', they performed a dance that expressed their heart fluttering.
Each person took a heart shape and gave a pleasant thrill.
Love! is a song that youthfully depicts the refreshing love that makes the ordinary things in daily life special.
The voices of the band members blend in with the heart-pounding drum sounds, doubling the excitement. n.SSign will be presenting fun-filled music through their comeback activities.
In particular, "Love, Love, Love Love Love!" is an easy-listening song that anyone can enjoy, and the KP
It is expected to receive great love from OP fans. The third title song of "n.SSign" is "Love, Love, Love Love
The full music video for "Love!" will be released at 6 p.m. on the 24th.

By chunchun 2024/04/21 14:00 KST