The group ENHYPEN shows off everything from chic charm to boyish beauty in "DARKBLOOD."
On the 13th, the magazine "DICON" released a photo shoot of "ENHYPEN".
The title is "tw(EN-)ty years old". Their most shining moments were revealed.
The seven members completed a scene from a fantasy movie.
Transforming into a deadly vampire, she boasted a mysterious yet sweet, alluring yet innocent appearance.
ENHYPEN shines even in the darkness, showing off their charm. They wear all-black suits and accessories such as roses, silver necklaces, pearl necklaces, and cherries.
They used props to create the perfect A-cut. Jungwon said, "This is my favorite photo out of all the ones I've taken recently," and Heeseung said, "I really like all black.
Using candy as a prop made it even sexier and more attractive." Meanwhile, DICON is being sold on DICON Mall, YES24, Aladdin, and the Internet.
You can preorder it from Kyobo Bookstore, G Market, KTOWN4U, Kobunsha (Japan), DICON-US (US), etc.

By minmin 2024/04/16 00:00 KST