Actor Chae Jong Hyeop showed off his casual charm. On the 13th, Chae Jong Hyeop posted a photo on his Instagram along with a camera emoji.
In the photo, Chae Jong Hyeop is seen holding a camera and taking pictures of something. He is also busy taking pictures with a cup of coffee in front of him, bringing smiles to the faces of viewers.
Netizens who saw this commented, "Hyeop, thanks for updating your Instagram. You love taking pictures. You look cool and cute with glasses," and "Thank you for the wonderful photos.
"It's wonderful," "I'm happy to see the photos of Japan," "I'm so happy just to be in Japan," and other reactions were seen. Meanwhile, Chae Jong Hyeop will be taking his first trip to Japan starting from Seoul on May 25th.
The tour is for Chae Jong Hyeop to directly communicate with his fans and repay them for their support.
This is the time set aside for
By chunchun 2024/04/14 13:09 KST