The group "Highlight" has completed a mutual agreement on the trademark rights of former's group name "BEAST", and the management office has brought together idol groups that kept the team name even after the contract expired.
I tried it. On the 2nd, Highlight's management officeAround US announced, ``We have smoothly concluded a mutual agreement with CUBE Entertainment regarding the use of the trademark rights for ``BEAST.''
"It was," he revealed. Highlight, which debuted as the group BEAS in 2009, started their own independent group in 2016 after their contract with CUBE Entertainment expired.
Established a planning company. Due to trademark issues with the former management office, they could no longer use the name "BEAS", and in 2017 they started their activities under the new team name "Highlight".
started. For this reason, fans at the time were very disappointed. On this day, "Highlight" announced the news of the trademark agreement and will maintain the team name "Highlight".
It was revealed that he would have it. "Highlight" said, "We are overwhelmed with emotion to be able to show you the team name 'BEAS' in addition to our activity name." They added, "This news marks the 15th anniversary.
I hope it will be a meaningful gift for the Highlight fans as well."
Last year, we ended our 11-year exclusive contract with CUBE Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as ``CUBE'').
The group ``BTOB,'' which lost its name, also kept its name after discussing trademark rights. At the end of 2023, the members of "BTOB" will decide to join the management office that they have worked together for 11 years.
After parting ways, I found a new management office. Seo Eun-kwang, Lee Min-hyuk, Yim Hyun Sik, and Peniel transferred to DOD together and became ``BTOB''.
Lee Chang-sub and Yook Sung-jae started new departments at Fantagio and I WILL MEDIA.
During this process, discussions about trademark rights between members and CUBE were not organized, and the same thing as the previous "Highlight (formerly BEAST)" was repeated.
I was also worried that this might not be the case. Contrary to the concerns of the general public, the 4 members have established a ``BTOB company'', and the 6 members will now be part of the existing ``BTOB'' company.
You can now continue group activities while keeping your group name. The group 'INFINITE' collected Hot Topics by transferring the trademark rights without any dispute.
Lee Jun-yeop, CEO of WOOLLIM Entertainment, which produced “INFINITE,” learned on May 9th last year that he had transferred the trademark rights to “INFINITE” to members.
I let it happen. At that time, INFINITE members' exclusive contract with WOOLLIM Entertainment had ended. However, CEO Lee Jun-yeop is concerned about trademark rights.
In regards to this, CEO Lee Jun-yeop said, "We have transferred all rights to the members of INFINITE free of charge.
On April 21, the company announced that it had transferred the trademark rights free of charge. Sunggyu responded, "(CEO Lee) has infinite love for INFINITE and above all, he cares about our future.
After the exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment expired, the group GOT7 also moved under the leadership of their leader JB.
The trademark rights were transferred to protect the team name. JYP Entertainment (JYP), the management office that held the trademark rights to "GOT7," which debuted in 2014, ended its exclusive contract with the group.
After that, the trademark rights were returned to the members without any conditions and it became a hot topic. BamBam, a member of "GOT7", appeared on the channel "1theK" on March 28 last year.
Originals" and expressed his gratitude to JYP Entertainment for transferring the trademark rights. BenBen has many companies
The group may not transfer the group name because they haven't renewed their contract, and expressed his sincere love, saying, ``I recognize that it's a good company.Park and Jin Young PD are really good people.I love them.''

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