Jake from the group "ENHYPEN" melted the hearts of ENGENE. (Official fan club name) with a song filled with warm comfort.
At 7pm on the 5th, the official YouTube channel of "ENHYPEN" will have the song "I Don't Think I'm" sung by Jake.
Okay” cover video has been released. “I Don’t Think I’m Okay” was released in 2020 by American singer-songwriter “Bazzi”
This song has a message for the current young generation, who are living in a time when they can't be sure of anything. Jake's sweet voice and delicate expressiveness as he started singing along with the melody of the guitar.
, which grabs the listener's attention from the beginning of the song. Jake's unique singing ability, which smoothly moves between high notes, stands out.
His ability as a vocalist regardless of genre shines anew, and his songs
It amplifies the charm that it has. The scene where Jake sings with a listless expression in a space that feels peaceful, and the scene where he uses the sunlight to create a heart in the shadows, makes it look like a photo shoot.
The outstanding visual beauty adds to the enjoyment of viewing. Through the management office BELIFT LAB, Jake said, ``I Don't Think I'm
The message contained in ``Okay'' touched my heart, and I wanted to express my condolences to ENGENE. by covering this song.''He expressed his ``fan love.''
I talked about why I chose this song.

By minmin 2024/03/06 21:20 KST