Boy group "n.SSign" appeared on "M COUNTDOWN". “n.SSign” posted “Mnet #M” on the official SNS on the 22nd.
COUNTDOWN complete. Chan sign appeared on M COUNTDOWN. Isn't there a Cosmo (fan name) who hasn't watched Real Thailand? n.SSign always has a nice scent
(Hyang) will do it. I posted a photo with the caption ``Cosmo's Preferences (Zihyang)''. The photo shows "n.SSign" wearing colorful costumes in pastel colors.
Masu. The member's hair color and sneakers are full of spring flower-like colors, giving off a visual that looks like a spring fairy.
Netizens who saw this commented, ``Thank you for your power today. Your colorful costumes are nice,'' ``Today is also a mess.
Reactions such as "That was so cute" and "Thank you for your hard work today. I'm really happy to see COSMO's support. Today was also great. Please take care of yourself."
Meanwhile, "n.SSign" released their 2nd mini album "Happy &" on the 15th. “Happy
&'' is an album that incorporates various joys found in everyday life into music.
Including the title song "Happy &" with the same name as the album, "FUNK JAM" and "Love, Love, Love Love"
Love! ” will deliver a wide range of music with the triple title song.

By chunchun 2024/02/23 00:32 KST