The group ONEUS will hold their second world tour in the United States and continue to be active all over the world.
"ONEUS" announced on the official SNS at midnight on the 6th, "ONEUS 2ND WORLD TOUR 'La Dolce.
Vita' in USA'' poster has been posted. “ONEUS” will begin in Seattle on March 16th (local time), followed by Oakland, Chicago, New York, and Washington.
Meet global fans in 11 American cities including DC, Louisville, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Los Angeles.
The released poster features five people transformed into ``mermaid princes'' against the backdrop of a mysterious space reminiscent of the ocean.
vinegar. They showed off their sexiness with sad gazes, raising expectations for the new charms they will show at the concert. "La Dolce"
Vita'' is the second world tour held by ONEUS since their debut. “ONEUS” was performed in Tokyo last October.
Starting with , they held a world tour in 6 cities in Europe, showing the potential of the ``4th generation representative performer''.
Riding on this momentum, “ONEUS” will enter the US performance, “A Sweet Life”
Like the meaning of ``La Dolce Vita,'' the group will give fans unforgettable sweet memories with a set list that covers all-time hit songs and an overwhelming live performance.

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