Actor Jung HaeIn's behind the scenes photo shoot has been released. 22nd, FNC Entertainment's OfficialNAVER
In the POST, many photos were posted with the title, ``It's a new year so I have to see Hen-sama.''
The released photo shows Jung HaeIn taking a photo shoot for a magazine. Even though it is a B cut, Jung HaeIn's dazzling visuals shine.
Masu. More photos can be seen on FNC Entertainment's Official NAVER POST (
Meanwhile, Jung HaeIn has been cast in tvN's new TV series ``Mom's Friend's Son'' and will be taking on a romantic comedy for the first time.
The new TV series ``Mom's Friend's Son'' is about trying to recover from the mistakes he made in his life.
This is a romantic comedy between Bae Seok-ryu (Somi-min), a woman who is a close woman, and Choi Seung-hyo (Jung Hae-in), Seok-ryu's childhood friend who has a dark history and is the son of her mother's friend.
vinegar. Filming will begin in 2024 and is scheduled to be broadcast in South Korea in the second half of 2024.

By minmin 2024/01/24 09:47 KST