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The Brave Yongsujeong

The Brave Yongsujeong
  • English:The Brave Yongsujeong
  • Korean:용감무쌍 용수정
  • Original Network: MBC(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/05/06 -
Brave Dragon Crystal (Korean: 용감무쌍 용수정) is a TV series that will begin airing on 2024-05-06. It is broadcast by MBC (2024).
Um Hyun Kyung's comeback after giving birth is a thrilling romance revenge drama from Hot Topic. Suzy Jung, the curly-haired princess, is in tears when her parents, who went to recuperate for cancer treatment, go missing.
Suzy-jung endures the harsh harassment of mother-daughter duo Hani-yang and Na-ra, who are destined to lead a tough life. Then her mother, who she thought was missing, comes to visit her...
The Korean TV series "Brave Suzy" is about a woman who hosts a TV shopping show and a man with a secret birth who entrusts his fate to her.
Actress Um Hyun Kyung plays Yeon Suzy, a TV shopping show host.
Actor Seo Jun Young plays Yeo Wi-ju, who works as a trainer at a gym.
Actress Lim JueUn plays Choi Ye-ra, the daughter of Hani-yang, the man who drove Suzy-jung's mother to death.
Actor Kwak Hwa-eun plays Joo Woo-jin, the grandson of the chairman of the Masung Group.


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