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No Blood No Tears

No Blood No Tears
  • English:No Blood No Tears
  • Korean:피도 눈물도 없이
  • Original Network: KBS(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/01/22 - 2024/06/14
Without blood or tears (Korean: 피도 눈물도 없이) is a TV Series that is scheduled to start airing on 2024-01-22.
The broadcast will end on 2024-06-14. The broadcasting station is KBS (2024). The cast includes Lee Seo Yeon x Ha Yeon Joo x Oh Chang Seok x Jung Chang.
A much-anticipated new work from the famous actors who also starred in the Ruil TV series. Hyewon, general manager of the Chudang Arts Foundation, is preparing to marry Jichan, her long-time boyfriend.
There is constant noise surrounding the two of them due to Do-woon, the common-law wife of Ji-chang's father, Ichul...
The Korean TV series "Without Blood and Tears" is about two sisters who were separated when their parents divorced at a young age, but are reunited in a whirlpool of fate and plunge into a breakup.
A tragic story. Total episodes are 4 episodes. The highest viewership rating was 7.9% for episode 2 of episode 10. Actress Lee Seo Yeon plays the role of Lee Hyewon, the general manager of the Chudang Arts Foundation.
Actress Ha Yeon Joo plays Lee Hye Ji/Bae Do Woon, Hyewon's real-life sister with an irresistible charm.
Actor Oh Chang Seok will play the role of Baek Seong-yoon, a human rights lawyer. Actor Seo Ha-jun will play the role of Lee Jun-mo, VP of investment at a top 10 investment firm on Wall Street in the United States.
Actor Jang Se-hyun plays the role of Yoon Ji-chan, head of the overseas development team at YJ Group. Actor Jung Chang plays the role of Yoon I-chul, the chairman of YJ Group and Ji-chan's father.
Actor Park Shin-woo plays Lee Sandeul, Hyewon's brother-in-law and Ji-chan's friend.


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