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Starting with this issue, we will bring you an introduction to the OST of 'Queen of Tears'. The drama co-stars Kim Soo Hyun of 'You Who Came From the Stars' and Kim Ji Won of 'Sam, My Way'.
Hae-in, born to the third generation of the Queen's Group conglomerate, romantically marries Hyun-woo, an employee of her own company. However, several years later, their relationship has grown cold. One day, Hae-in discovers that she has health problems...

Today's song of the day is 'Love You With All My Heart' by Crush.


'It's the same day I'm calling you once more with feelings I've forgotten and my true feelings that I can finally offer I'm sorry I wish I could have told you that I was born to love you To love you with all my heart I'm heading towards you I can't stop feeling' The first lyrics show Hyun-woo reflecting on his old feelings.

*Sabi 'Still want you all the time Still in the corner of this feeling I'm filling with love, I'm waiting for you Need you all the time'.
'I can't tell you anything, wandering through time, hate me' The chorus conveys the realisation that somewhere in his feelings he missed Heyne.

'It's the same night One cloudy night I call you in the mist I remember memories shining on the other side of time I held your hands I wish I could have told you that I was made to love you To love you with all my Heart Say. I wish I could have told you that I was made to love you with all my Heart, but I couldn't say it, I love you.

Repeat of the chorus.
'I desperately rushed to you and held you with both handsAnd I want you to know you're the only reason that I still breathe that I still live And to tell you that my feelings of love, my memories of being loved, are all I have. Reason The Only Reason Hmmm' A song that draws you into the world of the drama with Crush's unique voice and world view.

Crush (real name: Shin Hyo-seop), born in 1992, has participated in several drama OSTs since his debut in 2012.
Since then, he has worked on songs for hit dramas such as 'Dokkebi', 'Love's Emergency Landing' and 'Queen of Tears', where his songs also became big hits. With songs and voices that have a unique world view, she has won many fans and enlivened the drama.

<Net user reaction.

'The strongest OST'.
'I love Crush's world view.'
'I recognised her voice as soon as I heard her sing.'
'I'm happy to hear Crush.'

'The Queen of Tears', featuring Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won, created a huge stir and the OST became extremely popular.


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