”INFINITE” celebrates 14th debut anniversary live... ”The moments of your support made us stronger”
Boy group INFINITE is celebrating its 14th anniversary since its debut. INFINITE released a new video titled "A Night When Spirit Shines" on their official YouTube channel at 7 p.m. on the 9th.
In commemoration of their 14th debut anniversary, they held a live broadcast titled "INFINITE Company 1st Anniversary Results Press Conference".
The leader, Kim Sung-kyu, is a member of INFINITE
The meeting began with a welcoming speech from the company's representative.
The laughs and tears we shared, the moments we encouraged and cheered for each other, made us even stronger. We will continue to support INFINITE and INSPIRIT (INFINITE's official website)
He touched everyone with his heartfelt message, "I hope we can work hard together so that INFINITE Company can shine even more (fan club name, fan name)."
The INFINITE members listened to the fan song "Flower" released at 6 p.m. on the same day to commemorate their 14th debut anniversary.
Regarding "Flower," which conveys a sweet confession and a special meaning, he commented, "It was good from the moment I heard the guide version," and "The more I listen to it, the better it gets."
Lee Sung Jong said, "I am taking a break and working hard on exercise," Nam Woo Hyun said, "I am recording," and Kim Sung Kyu said, "I am working on the musical 'Dear Evan Hanse.
"He is currently performing in the TV series 'Treat Me Right' and preparing for his album," L said, "Jang Dong-woo is taking guitar, Chinese and piano lessons," and Lee
Sungyeol shared his current situation, saying, "We're doing a lot of preparations for the fan meeting, including exercising." INFINITE read the questions in the chat window in real time.
In the Q&A section, the group answered all the questions from fans. Then, the group held a cake decorated with gorgeous flowers and sang a song to celebrate the 14th anniversary of their debut.
The 14th debut anniversary party ended amidst enthusiastic cheers from the fans. The members said, "We are really thankful to be able to say hello as INFINITE for such a long time.
Thank you so much to all the Inspirit members who spent time with us. We appreciate your love for our new song "Flower" and hope to see you at the upcoming "Infinity Gathering."
Meanwhile, INFINITE released their 14th debut anniversary fan song "Flower" on various music sites on the 9th.
They will then meet with global fans at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium for the first time in seven years, in a fan meeting called "Infinity Gathering 4."
2024/06/10 13:44 KST
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