Song Da-eun sparks Relationship Rumors with BTS's JIMIN... Further suspicions raised by ”immediately” deleting meaningful posts
JIMIN, a member of BTS, was once again surrounded by rumours of a relationship. This is after 'Heart Signal' Season 2 actress Song Da-eun posted a number of meaningful postings related to JIMIN on her SNS.

On the 16th, Song Daewoong posted various photos and videos on her Instagram story. All of them were worthy of buying the allegation of a relationship with JIMIN.

The photos released by Song Da-eun include two earphone cases with 'DA EUN' and 'Jimin' written on them respectively. The part is suspected to be a couple item. Song Da-eun published the photo, but immediately deleted it, further sparking the passionate love theory.

Along with a photo of himself wearing a 'BTS' merchandise T-shirt, Song Da-eun also posted a video containing yellow balloons, inside a house and a man who could be mistaken for JIMIN in a past video of 'BTS', but speculations that the video is all related to JIMIN are abounding. All the postings have now been removed.

Song Da-eun has been linked to JIMIN in the past year. At the time, the appearance in the video posted by Song Da-eun was similar to JIMIN's house, which raised questions, and a series of sightings of the two dating stimulated the hearts of fans.

When fans continued to protest, Song Da-eun said, "Ask the others about the third party, not me," as "My spirit is clear. I don't want you to be scared about how horrible the fandom is and how much you are being sued."

Song Da-eun appeared on Channel A's 'Heart Signal 2' to let his face be known. He then appeared in dramas such as Eun-joo's Room, Once I've Been There and Going Out. JIMIN enlisted in the army last December and will be discharged in June 2025.
2024/05/17 11:43 KST
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