”NCT” Mark, today (16th) releases single ”200”... ”A song that you can enjoy comfortably in the summer”
MARK of the boy group NCT announces the start of a full-scale voyage towards his first solo album.
Mark's single "200" will be released on the 16th at 6pm on Melon, FLO, genie, iTunes, A
All songs will be released on various music sites such as iPod Music, Spotify, QQ Music, KuGou Music, and Kuwo Music, and the title song "20
The music video for "200" can also be viewed on SMTOWN's YouTube channel. The new song "200" features Suzy, a drummer and bassist with a rock sound.
It is a song of the genre that has an attractive harmony of early 2000s electronic guitar sound and lyrical melody, and the fast BPM drums and synth bass sound that give off a trendy feel.
The fast-paced rap that joins in makes it even more interesting to listen to. The lyrics not only express the story of an unexpected love that turns into a fateful encounter, but also the way each person loves the other.
Mark participated in writing the lyrics, composing, and arranging the song, infusing it with his own color, conveying the meaning of love for a relationship that becomes even more perfect when two people come together to make it shine even more.
Furthermore, the music video for "200" wittily expresses Mark's eccentric imagination and experiments as he dreams of freedom, and the lyrics are conveyed through a narrative visual.
The show is expected to attract many Hot Topics with its diverse attractions, from the production and animation that depicts surreal situations to the vintage visual beauty that expresses the rock vibe of the drum & bass Suzy genre.
In addition, this single also includes an acoustic version of "200 (Minhyung's Ver.)," which is different from the original song and allows you to enjoy Mark's calm voice and sensibility.
Regarding this single, Mark said, "The title song '200' is a song that will be released in the summer by Citizens (the nickname for NCT fans, 'NCTzen').
I'm looking forward to listening to "200 (Minhyung's Ver.)" because it's a song that can be enjoyed comfortably, and I think "200 (Minhyung's Ver.)" is a song that can be enjoyed more emotionally if you listen to it at night," he said, adding, "The music video also feels like a movie.
It will be an impactful point if we shoot it together. There were some difficult parts when shooting, but I remember it was really fun. I hope that CIZENNY will enjoy watching it as much as we did.
Mark will begin his long journey towards his first solo album, scheduled for release in February 2025, with the single "200."
He will set sail and solidify his position as a solo artist based on the skills he has shown so far. As he plans to build his own identity, he is a “confident all-rounder.”
"Attention is focused on Mark's new activities.

MARK '200' MV Teaser
MARK '200' MV Teaser

MARK '200' Acoustic Live Clip
MARK '200' Acoustic Live Clip

2024/05/16 10:08 KST
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