IU repays Kang HanNa's hospitality with a guitar
IU revealed her friendship with Kang HanNa. On the 12th, IU said, "Princess Yona treated me to a delicious meal," and "I also received a present and a letter. I wish every day was May."
The photo shows IU having a good time with actress Kang HanNa. Above all, IU is smiling brightly while holding a guitar, and her cuteness is...
It has attracted the attention of viewers. IU's new TV series "Really Thank You" will be released worldwide through Netflix. The TV series is based on the "Really Thank You" series, which originated in Jeju.
The drama depicts the adventurous lives of "the rebel kid" Ae-seung (IU) and "the foolish cast iron" Kwang-sik (Park Bo-Gum).

2024/05/12 15:24 KST
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