It's time to stop this... VI (former BIGBANG) sings ”BIGBANG” songs at a party hosted by a millionaire... ”selling BIGBANG” again
V.I. of the former Korean group "BIGBANG," who was sentenced to prison for the incident surrounding the club "Burning Sun," has been criticized after he was caught using "BIGBANG" again to attend an event.

 On the 8th, online communities and SNS spread images of V.I singing "BANG BANG BANG" by "BIGBANG" at a certain party site. It turned out that this was a scene from a birthday party of a wealthy foreigner.

 In the video, V.I., wearing a white cap and a gray suit, cheered on the audience by pointing a microphone at them, to which some audience members called out "BIGBANG!

 In January of this year, V.I. was also criticized for his reference to G-Dragon at an event held in Cambodia. In a video released at the time, V.I. excitedly promised to "bring G-Dragon here someday," and even sang "GOOD BOY," a song sung by G-Dragon and SOL as a unit, continuing to "sell BIGBANG. However, Korean public opinion is coldly criticizing V.I. for using the "BIGBANG" name again after he left the group for a criminal offense and inflicted decisive damage on the group's image.

 V.I., the central figure in the "Burning Sun" case, was sentenced to one year and six months in prison for nine counts, including habitual gambling, violation of the Act on Special Measures against Punishment of Sexual Assault Crimes (using cameras, etc.), violation of the Act on Punishment of Prostitution, and business embezzlement, and was fully released from prison in February last year. After his release from prison, V.I has continued to engage in problematic behavior, such as inviting acquaintances to go clubbing, recent reports that he enjoyed a lavish party, and being seen at a party with a Chinese actor whose activities were restricted due to a drug conviction.

 Meanwhile, V.I debuted as a member of "BIGBANG" in 2006 and gained popularity with many hit songs. He later became a solo singer, variety artist, and "Son to be," but was eventually found guilty and paid the price for his crimes.
2024/05/09 14:08 KST
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