C.A.P (former TEEN TOP) keeps revealing things... This time he publicly targets TVXQ's Yunho
C.A.P. from the group "TEEN TOP" publicly snubbed his senior idols. When his idol career is over, he does not shy away from exposing himself.

Last December, C.A.P. posted a video on his YouTube channel "Pan Minsoo" that included a snide remark about Yunho of "Dong Bang Shin Ki. The video is about five months old, but C.A.P.'s stilted revelation belatedly became the talk of the town.

In the video titled "Why Image Matters," C.A.P. said, "I would like to use Yunho as an example that it is not good to be passionate about everything. Yunho was like a 'passionate man' or a 'righteous young man. If you don't live tremendously righteous life, you need to show your own bad side," he said.

He continued, "Yunho is actually passionate. I don't care if he is passionate, but he has a passion that causes damage to others. Rehearsals can be done just fine. One cannot work hard at everything. The total amount of energy I can use today is all different. Yunho's total energy is so great that he forces others to do the same. It doesn't matter that Yunho and I are in different groups. By the way, when he saw me rehearsing properly, he said, "You seem to be popular these days. He said sarcastically, "You seem to be very popular these days, so you should rehearse properly.

He added, "I have been scolded several times. I was changing next to the stage, but I didn't know Yunho was there because I didn't have good eyesight and it was dark. So I didn't greet him, but he said bad things about me. Too much extremes can cause character problems. That passion causes trouble for others. You have to be passionate in rehearsals, but if you do, it's not cool in Yunho's eyes."

C.A.P. also said, "This is backbiting. There is a reason Yunho doesn't like me. I don't greet people very often. It takes a lot of effort to say hello. I have had so many bad experiences because of greetings. Scolding is good. It is good to be a righteous young man and to try to teach others to appear righteous. Then he must be a righteous person himself. I smoke in the bathroom every day. It is inconvenient for the younger students to go to the restroom to do their business. That's a no-smoking zone."

This is not the first time C.A.P. has gone out of control. In the past, when he left TEEN TOP, he said, "I tried several times to get out of the company, and I thought it would be better to have an accident first, and then pick up the pieces and leave the team in order to break it off."

After leaving the group, he continued to talk bad about the group in private broadcasts, smoked, and expressed his displeasure with "TEEN TOP's" complete comeback, which led to controversy.

In the past, C.A.P. publicly apologized for leaving the group, and in 2023, he said, "I apologize to the many people who were hurt by my words and actions. I was aware that I was going to cause controversy, but I acted selfishly, thinking only of myself. I am sorry for my behavior towards the people who believed in me and supported me, and towards the members with whom I spent a lot of time and spent closer than siblings. I feel that for a long time I was wearing clothes that did not fit me. I wanted to get out of those clothes already, so I acted in a way that was not right. There is no excuse, it was my mistake."

C.A.P. has continued to make racy remarks and revelations in his post-withdrawal communications via YouTube, and has attracted a lot of attention.
2024/04/26 11:43 KST
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