「NCT」ドヨンの新曲「Little Light」のミュージックビデオティーザー映像が公開された。
NCT's Do Yeong to make solo debut tomorrow (21st)... ”Little Light” music video teaser released
A music video teaser for NCT's Do Yeong's new song "Little Light," ahead of his solo debut tomorrow, has been released.
Today (21st) at midnight, the title song of Do Yeong's first solo album, "Little
The teaser video for the music video for "Light" has been released. The video harmonizes a part of the new song with the beautiful visuals that evoke a mysterious sensibility, and is getting a lot of attention.
The released video shows Do Yeong running through a forest, where bright green fireflies surround him.
The title song "Little Light" is a band song with a strong guitar riff, and Do Yeong's powerful and delicate vocals are featured.
The lyrics express the hope that the small light I have can become a ray of light that will give strength to someone else, and they bring courage to those who listen.
Do Yeong's first solo album "YOUTH" is made up of 10 songs including the title song "Little Light," and expresses the various emotions that young people feel.
The song is expected to resonate with music fans as it is filled with the singer's voice and sensibility. The audio for "YOUTH" will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 22nd, and will also be released on CD on the same day.

DOYOUNG (Little Light) MV Teaser
DOYOUNG (Little Light) MV Teaser

2024/04/21 11:34 KST
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