”ENHYPEN” worries about photo taken with Japanese woman... ”Didn't know their identity. We were asked on the spot”
When the group "ENHYPEN" was concerned about a photo taken with a Japanese cabaret club employee at an event, they clarified that the photo was taken without knowing the identity of the woman in question.

On the 15th, an official from HYBE said, "We are sometimes asked to take pictures on the spot at events," and added, "It is difficult to take pictures after confirming everyone's identity. We took pictures without knowing who they were," explaining the situation at the time.

After participating in a high-end jewelry brand event in Japan, a female influencer took a picture of the members at the event. After the photo went viral online, there was concern when it was revealed that the woman was a cabaret club employee in Japan. When accusations of "embarrassment" continued to be made locally, the woman made her SNS private.

HYBE explained that they did not know who the woman was and explained the circumstances surrounding the photo shoot.

Meanwhile, "ENHYPEN" met with fans at "ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR 'FATE PLUS'".
2024/04/15 17:49 KST
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