「NCT」テヨン、本日(15日)の入隊を控え「NCT 127」メンバーが集合1
”NCT” Tae Yeon, ahead of his enlistment today (15th), ”NCT 127” members gathered... ”Stay healthy! Let's go!”
Tae Yeon of the Korean boy band "NCT" sent a message before enlisting. On the 15th (today), Tae Yeon wrote on his SNS, "I will do my duty!
Stay healthy! Kajaaaa (meaning let's go)! Urichil (short for NCT127)!!!! I love you (heart emoji)" along with a photo of her recent status.
The photos released include a group photo of Tae Yeon with NCT 127 members Yuta, Do Yeong, Taeil, Johnny, Jaehee, and Jungwoo.
Unfortunately, Mark and Haechan were unable to attend, but Tae Yeon's bright and cheerful greeting ahead of his enlistment caught everyone's attention.
Meanwhile, Tae Yeon will be the first member of NCT to enlist in the military today (15th). After completing his basic military training, he will join the Navy military band.
He plans to serve his time.

2024/04/15 14:29 KST
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