”NCT” Do Yeong, the emotion he puts into his first solo album ”Farewell to Youth”... The ”synergy effect” of vocals with Tae Yeon & Mark
NCT's Do Yeong sings the heart of youth that has come to an end with "YOUTH". Do Yeong's first solo album record song "Time
"Machine" is a medium tempo ballad that depicts the different feelings of lovers regarding a breakup.
The vocals layered over the acoustic guitar sound further enhance the song's hazy atmosphere.
Machine" is an exclusive song by NCT member Mark, who is also featured in the song, and Tae Yeon is also featured.
As they have begun supporting Do Yeong's solo debut with "Charing," expectations are high for the synergy that will be created between the three trusted artists.
In addition, the new song "Rewind" is a ballad song that combines piano accompaniment and Do Yeong's singing voice in an emotional way, conveying the sad feeling of wanting to go back to the last moment and make up for the breakup.
Do Yeong's first solo album "YOUTH" is the title song of the album, "Little
The album contains 10 songs with a wide variety of appeal, including "Light," which sings about the various emotions (bubbles) that youth feel.
Do Yeong's first solo album "YOUTH" will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on April 22nd, and fans are expected to be impressed by the album.
It will also be released as an album in Japan.
2024/04/15 12:26 KST
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