NCT's Do Yeong releases highlight medley from his first solo album ”YOUTH”... with help from his older brother Kong Myung
The highlights medley from NCT's Do Yeong's first solo album "YOUTH" has been released and is a hot topic.
It will be released today (13th) at midnight through the "NCT" YouTube channel.
The highlight medley video contains the highlights of all 10 songs recorded on "YOUTH," raising expectations for the music Do Yeong will present as a solo artist.
In particular, in this highlight medley video, Do Yeong's older brother, actor Kong Myung, makes a special appearance and recites the message he puts into his first solo album "YOUTH" as if reciting a poem.
I read it and it helped me appreciate this album. In addition, the title song "Little Light", "Beginning", "From Little
Wave", "Time Machine (Feat. Tae Yeon, Mark) "Serenade", "Rewind", "Warmth", "Lost In
The album includes 10 songs, including "California," "Rest," and "Dallas Love Field," along with emotional visuals that match each song, enhancing the immersiveness of the songs.
Do Yeong's first solo album "YOUTH" is an album that contains the various emotions that arise in the waves of youth, and Do Yeong sings the most honest story of youth with his own voice and sensibility.
Do Yeong's first solo album "YOUTH" will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on April 22nd, and the album will be released on the same day.
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2024/04/13 13:58 KST
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