”TREASURE” has decided to perform additional concerts in Thailand thanks to the passionate support of local fans!
The group "TREASURE" will hold an additional performance in Thailand, encouraged by the enthusiastic support of local fans.
YG Entertainment announced on the 30th that TREASURE's Asia tour "TREASURE"
RELAY TOUR [REBOOT]" has decided to add a performance on May 23rd at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.
TREASURE will now meet Thai audiences four times, including performances from May 24th to 26th.
This was thanks to the passionate support of local fans.
The advance seats for the three performances that were confirmed in advance were all sold out in no time.
Ta. YG explained, ``We received a flood of requests from fans who unfortunately could not get tickets, so we decided to hold an additional performance to reward their support.''
This is the first meeting between TREASURE and Thai fans in about a year since their first Asian tour last year.
At that time, "TREASURE" sold out all three performances including additional performances.
, has made a mark as a next-generation performance artist representing YG Entertainment.
2024/03/30 21:47 KST
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