「THE BLACK LABEL」スタッフ墜落事故に立場文…「早い回復のために最善を尽くす」
”THE BLACK LABEL” staff member releases statement regarding fall accident... ”We will do our best for a quick recovery.”
THE BLACK LABEL has revealed their official stance regarding the staff member's fall accident that occurred on set. THE BLACK
In a statement issued on the 29th, LABEL stated, ``Four people were injured in an accident that occurred during filming the previous day,'' and ``Two of the injured were injured.''
"One person is a staff member of a production outsourcing company, and the other two are employees of our company." THE BLACK
LABEL said, ``Immediately after the accident, the injured were transported to the hospital and underwent thorough examinations and treatment for their injuries.''
We have taken measures to ensure that." He continued, ``We promise to do our best to help the injured recover quickly, in consultation with the medical staff,'' and ``We will work hard to ensure that accidents do not happen again on set in the future.''
We will pay even more attention to this." The day before, THE BLACK was held at an abandoned factory in Osan, Gyeonggi-do.
An accident occurred in which four staff members who were preparing to film LABEL trainees fell. The relevant staff members are working on the second floor.
While there, he was reported to have fallen 6 meters down. None of them suffered life-threatening injuries, but two suffered serious injuries. THE BLACK
LABEL is a music label led by music producer TEDDY. Singer TOL (Taeyang/BIGBANG), Somi
(formerI.OI), Zion.T, and actor Park BoGum are among its members. If the police find that safety rules were not properly followed at the scene of this accident, they will notify the person responsible.
The plan is to punish him for suspicion of professional negligence resulting in injury.
2024/02/29 12:58 KST
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