”ENHYPEN” to hold encore performance from 23rd to 25th... 3 points to expect from Seoul performance
The group ENHYPEN will return with an upgraded ``audience-friendly'' performance. “ENHYPEN” will be held at the Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul from the 23rd to the 25th.
World tour encore performance "ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR 'FATE PLUS'IN SEOUL" (hereinafter referred to as "FATE
PLUS”) will be held. In the case of this performance, all three performances will be held simultaneously offline and online live streaming, and ENGENE who will unfortunately not be able to come to the performance venue.
(Fandom name) can also share the excitement of the scene. This Seoul performance was originally scheduled for two performances (on the 24th and 25th), but tickets were sold out quickly and the performance was held on the 23rd.
added to. However, tickets for additional performances sold out quickly, confirming ENHYPEN's growing popularity.
On the other hand, "ENHYPEN" will show "FATE
We are taking all possible precautions, including adding songs to ``PLUS'' and upgrading the stage set.
They are expected to plan an ``audience-friendly'' performance and spend time filled with love for their fans.
Let's list three things to look forward to from ENHYPEN's world tour encore performance, "FATE PLUS."
First of all, "ENHYPEN" will perform on a meaningful stage as the first world tour encore performance after their debut.
, prepare a heartfelt surprise present. "ENHYPEN", who showed mature stage manners after two world tours, has even more exciting speaking skills and a special corner.
There will be performances packed with highlights. Surprise presents hidden behind a veil, sparking curiosity as to what the special corner really is.
Also, considering that this performance will be held in the winter, "ENHYPEN"
Prepare a rest space for The rest area is located between the cheering stick pairing booth and the photo zone, and spectators can warm up using heaters and sofas placed throughout the space.
, it can relieve tired feet. In addition to melting away the cold in the rest area, warmers will be provided to all ``FATE PLUS'' audience members upon completing the identity verification process.
Lastly, a special event ``Meet and Greet'' will be held for the ``FATE PLUS'' performance in Seoul.
After the performance, ENHYPEN will go around the performance venue and exchange greetings with the audience.
It's an event. The seven members plan to communicate closely with fans and share the afterglow of the performance together.
2024/02/23 11:38 KST
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