”SHINee” Key and Minho are now an ”old couple”... ”Why don't they fall in love?” Kian 84 asks, ”Stunned”
Key of the group "SHINee" met with Kian 84. On the 22nd, Kian 84's YouTube channel "Life 84" posted "Key
A video titled ``Life Interview'' was posted.
Key is a SHINee member who celebrated his 16th year since his debut this year. Kian 84 said, ``When I go to the cosmetics store, I see this girl.
When asked if his income is better now than when he was part of SHINee, Key laughed and said, ``Just looking at it, that's the case. I've known you for four years.''
Reminiscing about the time when he and Minho weren't on good terms, Key said, ``I didn't hit him, but we fought with harsh words and looks.
I think if men fight with each other, they'll become unnecessarily kind and awkward.
I lived like that for several years. Both apologized quickly, but once they fought, it was awkward. For two or three months after our debut, we had only a superficial relationship.
"Now we're like an old married couple, there's no reason to fight, so we don't fight," he said, expressing his love for them. Kian 84 said, ``SHINee is about me discharging from the army and my mother saying, ``What do you do for a living?''
It was depressing because it was a time when people were saying, ``Will it be a crow?'' That's when you guys came out. "Junior high school students came out and were making money," he said, adding, "They say that if you go out when you're a boy, you'll think about life easier and fall off quickly."
Isn't it? You're getting better. What's the secret? "Why isn't it falling?" he asked, perplexing Key. Key said, ``Because I'm serious. And I never let go of the music.''
I think I'm in my 7th or 8th year. A child who was born in the year I debuted, not vaguely 16 years ago, became an idol.
I don't do it because I feel like I have to, I really love music.
That's what I'm doing.'' He went on to say, ``In the past, other people would take care of my work, so it was hard for me to hold on.'' I was living my life according to my own plans, so I had a little trouble sleeping.
It's okay because I think, ``I have to do this,'''' he added. Regarding his current status, Key said, ``I'm taking a little break and preparing for the Tokyo Dome with SHINee.
It's been about 5 years since we met,'' and added, ``We're lucky because we still have the same intentions. We don't know what the future holds.''
I think we can continue because we don't have to do it alone, but because there are people who choose to do it. "The longer it lasts, the better," he answered positively.
Finally, regarding ``I Live Alone,'' Kian84 said, ``I'm not not getting married just for the sake of the show.For now, that's how me, you, and Cocoon will go.
I also made a mistake,'' he said, eliciting bursts of laughter.

「キー 人生タビュー」
「キー 人生タビュー」

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