[5 Recommended K-POP Songs] There are other ways to live than blooming flowers. From today onwards, I will live my life aiming for Winning in my own way.
IU "Holssi" A record song from the album "The Winning" released by Korean singer "IU" in 2024. The music video for this song will be released in advance of the album release on the 20th.
A collection of Hot Topics. The title of the song, which means ``spore,'' was created by the current girl who realized that ``not everyone blooms,'' and ``There are other ways to live other than blooming flowers.'' “Spore no Ma”
This is a song that makes you think about how to live to the fullest, how do you live yourself? LUCY “Unbelievable”
The Korean band “LUCY” released the album “INSERT” in 2023.
COIN” title song. A pop song that uses violin and bass sounds to develop different rhythms one after another, and has a good tempo that makes you feel like you're watching a picture-story show. “But hon.
You're so cute, you're like a bright sun that wakes up the dawn, but you're the only one who doesn't know that the whole world loves you.'' The lyrics are sure to make any person's self-confidence explode.
I think just listening to it will give you the energy to live your daily life with ease. Choi YURI “Wandering Youth”
A single song released by Korean singer "Choi YURI" in 2023. 2022
She is currently a popular girl in the indie world, and her single song "Forest" released in 2017 has become very popular.
I created this song with the hope that it would become a healing song for those who are struggling or rebelling. The ending of the chorus, ``Name the naive heart of me, who is still young and weak, ``my youth,'''' is a sign of age.
Regardless, Jean and my heart are clear. ENHYPEN “Just A Little Bit” Album released by Korean boy group “ENHYPEN” in 2021.
Bam's "DIMENSION: DILEMMA" record song. A love song by R&BSeoul with an impressive acoustic guitar sound. In this collapsed world (my heart), there is no existence called you.
Zai sings "Just A Little Bit (Little by little)" and while it's a love song, it conveys a gentleness that somehow seems to mend a broken heart.
I feel angry. Baek Yerin "Rest" Korean singer "Baek Yerin" released the album "Every letter I sent" in 2019.
you.'' record song. The lyrics are filled with the feelings of office workers and students who work hard every day as they head home, wanting to take a break and go to a more free world.
A loaded R&B song. The song is littered with lyrics such as ``A fluffy sofa'' and ``Beer on the way home'' that somehow remind you of a ``Rest'' place. The day when I can live absentmindedly
, a charming song that makes you feel like you're actually the happiest.


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