”TREASURE”, ”BOMB” Japanese version released preview...Expectations increase
"TREASURE" raises fans' expectations for their 3rd mini album with the Japanese version of "BOMB".
According to YG Entertainment on the 11th, "TREASURE" will be released on the 3rd mini album in Japan at 0:00 on the 12th.
The Japanese version of the recorded song "BOMB" from the album "REBOOT -JP SPECIAL SELECTION-" will be released and previewed.
This song was recorded as track 9 of the 2nd album "REBOOT", and the lyrics are highly addictive and witty expresses falling in love, making it a favorite among music fans.
It caused a stir among people. Even without any promotion, they reached number 1 on Billboard's "Hot Trending Songs" chart and gained popularity on SNS through various dance challenges.
Therefore, the Japanese version is expected to receive a good response. This album includes the Japanese original new song “LET IT
BURN” was awarded Japan Gold Disc’s “Platinum” for the first time.
Including "Here I Stand", the title song of the second album "BONA BONA" which achieved five crowns on Oricon and Billboard Japan, "MOVE
(T5)” and “STUPID” are recorded in Japanese versions. "TREASURE" is currently on its second large-scale tour in Japan with 16 performances in 7 cities.
2024 TREASURE TOUR [REBOOT] IN JAPAN" is currently underway. After successfully performing in Fukuoka, Saitama, Aichi, and Osaka, they will be performing in Fukui from February 10th to 11th and February 14th.
The tour will be held in Nagoya on the 15th, Hiroshima on February 22nd and 23rd, and the finale of the tour will be held in Kanagawa and K Arena Yokohama on March 2nd and 3rd.
2024/02/11 09:43 KST
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