”Loossemble” greets mid-autumn celebration during American tour, ”Have a warm time”
Loossemble, formed by five members of the girl group LOONAfrom, greeted fans at the mid-autumn celebration (Chuseok mid-autumn festival).
``Loossemble'' in the video posted on the official SNS account by management office CTDENM on the 29th is ``mid-autumn celebration.
I hope you have a happy mid-autumn celebration, spending warm time with your family and eating lots of delicious food."
The members continued, ``We recommend that you listen to our new song 'Sensitive' and enjoy it to the fullest,'' and ``Don't forget to make a wish while looking at the full moon.''
. I hope everyone will have a fun mid-autumn celebration." After releasing their debut album on the 15th, Loossemble immediately embarked on an American tour.
After touring until October 7th, they plan to hold a showcase in Korea and continue their activities.
“Loossemble” is a tight song that emphasizes an addictive top line with catchy and funky bass and guitar licks.
The song ``Sensitive'' contains the positive message, ``Sensitivity creates a clearer standard for yourself. Believe in the sense that has created you until now, and move forward with even more confidence.''
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2023/09/30 15:58 KST
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